Thursday News

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with everything that is coming out and news in general in the anime world but fear not! Mobile Public Library will get it all and give to you in one blog post. Starting next wednesday I will publish the news and what new releases to expect to see on shelves for both manga and anime.


Indonesia Takes 1at Place at World Cosplay Summit 2016-

Special Shin Godzilla Screening Allows Shouting, Cosplay, Light Sticks-

Hulu Ends Free Streaming as Yahoo Launches Own Service With Anime-

Kouta Hirano’s Drifters TV Anime Premieres Ovtober 7-

New Releases Manga-

  • Arata: The Legend Graphic Novel (GN) 24
  • Attack on Titan: Before the Fall GN 8P
  • Devils and Realist GN 1
  • Fairy Tail GN 55
  • Itsuwaribito GN 18
  • Magi GN 19
  • Monster Hunter: Flash Hunter GN 3
  • Otherworld Barbara GN (Hardcover)
  • Ten Count GN 1
  • The Testament of Sister New Devil GN 3
  • Tsubasa GN Omnibus 9

New Anime Releases-

  • Absolute Duo BD/DVD
  • Barakamon BD/DVD
  • Garo the Animation Season 1 Part 2 BD/DVD
  • Gunslinger Girl Season 1 and 2 + OVA Anime Classics BD/DVD
  • Sound! Euphonium Collector’s Edition 3 BD/DVD
  • Wake Up, Girls! BD/DVD



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