Film Friday- Fairy Tail

As one of the two anime’s we will be choosing from to watch in September I wanted to give a little information about the anime version of Fairy Tail. The anime of Fairy Tail closely follows the manga so no argument about which is better. The anime’s original run was for 175 episodes then the second season was was for 101 episodes for a total of 277 episodes. But don’t despair because there is going to be a new season in the works that continues where it left off. In addition to the TV series there have been six original video animations or OVAs set in the Fairy Tail world. They are mostly Omakes or extras but still fun to watch. Omake often include comedy sketches where the characters behave out of character, break the fourth wall, or subtly address opinions of the fandom known to the writers. Sometimes scenes from the TV show or OVA are humorously re-dubbed. There has been one movie in the Fairy Tail world Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess but another one is in the works. All in all Fairy Tail is an interesting and thriving anime that is going to so much fun to watch together! See you in September for some great anime!



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