Manga Monday- XXXholic


×××Holic  is a manga written and illustrated by the group of manga artists known as Clamp. The series, which crosses over with another Clamp work, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, revolves around Kimihiro Watanuki, a high-school student disturbed by his ability to see the supernatural, and Yūko Ichihara, a witch who owns a wish-granting shop. When Watanuki asks Yūko to remove his ability to see spirits, she grants it on the condition that he pay for his wish by working for her. Clamp created xxxHolic link the supernatural and fantasy series. They are currently working on a spin-off series xxxHolic: Rei. The original manga is 19 volume long. There is a second manga series still being written in Japan with the title of xxxHolic: Rei and is currently 3 volumes long.

This is a fun, funny, supernatural story about a boy who just wants to be like everyone else. But of course nothing is easy for Watanuki. This story is very moving as Watanuki starts off hating anything to do with the spirit world and in the end he knows that he just cannot leave it. The art is just amazing for this series. The manga is much longer than than anime but never fear the anime, which I talk about on Friday, is amazing too. The characters are some of the best parts of the this series. From Watanuki, who is so over-the-top in everything, to Yuko, who has seen it all, you get lots of different personalities and drives. And the story is fascinating. The mix of traditional shintoism and the modern world, add a little bit of horror and you have a winner of a series!



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