Film Friday- XXXholic


The anime series of XXXholic originally ran from April 6, 2006September 28, 2006 with 24 episodes. April 3, 2008June 26, 2008. The series has more than one anime with the second being XXXholic- Kei originally ran from April 3, 2008June 26, 2008 with 13 episodes. Then there is xxxHolic: Shunmuki February 17, 2009June 23, 2009 with 2 episodes (I don’t get that but whatever I guess…). And finally we have xxxHolic: Rō with 2 episodes too which aired on February 24, 2013 and April 16, 2013. This series is just too good to not have more than one series! The anime does not end when the manga does but it does tell a complete story arc so that’s okay! Again the characters are we’re going to be watching for on Saturday anime at the Library!

The opening theme for this series is just amazing so here it is to listen to!



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