Film Friday- Samurai Deeper Kyo


The anime series was acquired by Media Blasters under its AnimeWorks label in 2003. briefly aired on Encore network channels in the United States.

The TV adaptation takes extreme liberties with the plot, and only vaguely follows the plot of the manga. Kyo is an artificial construct, born of Kyoshiro’s attempt to purge violence and cruelty from himself i.e. Kyo is the dark half of Kyoshiro’s soul in a Mibu-made homunculus . While Kyo is resealed inside Kyoshiro after losing a sword fight to him, the circumstances behind it are different. Kyoshiro confronts Kyo at the Battle of Sekigahara in order to stop his bloody rampage, rather than to protect Sakuya. Apart from these and flashbacks to his time with Muramasa, Akira and Hotaru, the anime provides fewer details of Kyo’s past. The character of Yuya is often relegated to a peripheral character, while the role of the kenyou is enhanced.

The anime is a great deal of fun but mentally separate the manga from it. Once you do that, you can enjoy this series. My only problem is that Yuya is not as important as she is in the manga. She is the reason that so much happens in the series. But that said I still love this series. It is so much fun and takes the story into a new place. I own the soundtrack, so I must share the opening theme song.


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