Manga Monday- Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle is a shōnen manga series written and illustrated by the manga artist group Clamp. It takes place in the same fictional universe as many of Clamp’s other manga series, most notably xxxHolic. It was serialized in the Kodansha publication Weekly Shōnen Magazine from May 2003 until October 2009, and was collected in twenty-eight tankōbon volumes. Tsubasa was conceived when four Clamp artists wanted to create a manga series that connected all their previous works. They took the designs for the main protagonists from their earlier manga called Cardcaptor Sakura.

The manga was licensed for English language release by Del Rey Manga, who has released all of its volumes since April 27, 2004. The series has been well received by Japanese and English readers, and it reached high positions on various best-seller lists; the series has sold over twenty million manga volumes in Japan. Both the manga and anime have had positive response from critics, who praised its connections to previous works and its artwork. The plot twists in later parts of the story have resulted in mixed reactions due to positive focus on the impact on the plot and negative one based on how confusing they are.

The plot follows how Sakura, the princess of the Kingdom of Clow, loses all her memories and how Syaoran, a young archaeologist who is her childhood friend, goes on a quest to save her. The Dimensional Witch Yūko Ichihara instructs him to go with two people, Kurogane and Fai D. Flowright. They search for Sakura’s memories, which were scattered in various worlds in the form of feathers, as gathering them will help save her soul. In exchange for the ability to travel across dimensions, Yūko demands that each pay with that they value most: Kurogane offers his sword Ginryū; Fai offers the tattoo that suppresses his enormous magical strength and power; and Syaoran offers all of Sakura’s memories that involve him. Yūko then presents them with a creature named Mokona Modoki that sends the group on a journey across dimensions in search of Sakura’s feathers. After obtaining the first feathers, Sakura awakens from her catatonic state and starts recovering her memories. During their adventures, the group gradually grows closer to the point that Fai jokingly labels them as relatives. As they travel, they learn that the feathers have their own unique abilities and can bestow several supernatural abilities to those who possess them.




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  • Howl’s Moving Castle BD/DVD
  • Howl’s Moving Castle DVD
  • Hunter x Hunter Set 3 BD
  • Hunter x Hunter Set 3 DVD
  • Kiki’s Delivery Service BD/DVD
  • Kiki’s Delivery Service DVD
  • Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! Rikka Version (Takanashi Rikka • Kai ~Gekijō-ban Chūnibyō demo Koi ga Shitai!~) BD/DVD
  • My Neighbor Totoro BD/DVD
  • My Neighbor Totoro DVD
  • Orange BD/DVD
  • Orange Limited Edition BD/DVD
  • Ponyo BD/DVD
  • Ponyo DVD
  • Princess Mononoke BD/DVD
  • Princess Mononoke DVD
  • Spirited Away BD/DVD
  • Spirited Away DVD
  • Super Lovers Season 1 BD/DVD
  • WWW.WAGNARIA!! Volume 2 BD


  • Beasts of Abigaile Graphic Novel GN 2
  • Disney Fairies Tinker Bell’s Secret GN
  • Domestic Girlfriend GN 8 (Digital Only)
  • Ghost Diary GN 3
  • Hachune Miku’s Everyday Vocaloid Paradise (Hachune Miku no Nichijō Roipara!) GN 1
  • Hatsune Miku: Rin-Chan Now! GN 3
  • Helvetica Standard Bold GN (Color)
  • Hotaru’s Way GN 4 (Digital Only)
  • House of the sun. GN 8 (Digital Only)
  • Inuyashiki GN 9
  • Kasane GN 6 (Digital Only)
  • Nekogahara: Stray Cat Samurai GN 3
  • Peach Heaven GN 7 (Digital Only)
  • Terra Formars GN 19
  • Tokyo Ghoul:re GN 1
  • Ultraman GN 9
  • Until Your Bones Rot GN 1 (Digital Only)


  • Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth 3DS Game
  • The Evil Within 2 PS4/Xbox One/PC Game
  • Fire Emblem Warriors 3DS/Switch Game
  • Garo TV Colletion BD
  • The Rising of the Shield Hero Novel 9

Manga Monday- Claymore volume: The Silver-Eyed Slayer

Today’s post is on Claymore volume 1 by Norihiro Yagi. It is the first in the long running Claymore series. It is 187 pages long and is published by Shonen Jump Advanced. The cover is a close up of the main character Clare. The intended reader is someone who likes dark plots, high action, and strong female characters. There is mild foul language, no sex, and lots of violence in this book. The story is told from third person close of the main character. There Be Spoilers Ahead.

From the back of the book- In a world where monsters called Yoma prey on humans and live among them in disguise, humanity’s only hope is a new breed of warrior known as Claymores. Half human, hlaf monster, these silver-eyes slayers posses supernatural strength, but are condemned to fight their savage impulses or lose their humanity completely.
A village is gripped by fear and paranoia when a Yoma claims six lives. The Claymore who is send to slay the creature isn’t what the villagers expect at all. In fact, she seems more monster than human.

Review- A good start to a series. The story starts with the villagers arguing about sending for a Claymore but as much as they fear the Claymores they fear the Yoma even more. Clare comes and she is a quiet warrior with no interest in anything more than her prey. The blurb does not give anything about the story. We get some world building with more than just the monsters. We get to see what happens when a Claymore loses the battle to control the monster within. The second main character is a young boy who Clare saves and wants to help her with saving others but as he is just a human the only thing that he can do is cook for her. I look forward to seeing where this series is going to go.

I give this volume a Five out of Five stars. I get nothing for my review and I bought this manga with my own money.

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  • Amagami SS and Amagami SS+ Complete Collection BD
  • D.Gray-man Season 3 Part 1 DVD
  • One Piece Season 9 Part 3 DVD
  • Persona 4 The Animation BD
  • ReLIFE Limited Edition BD/DVD
  • Slave Princess Olivia BD
  • Space Patrol Luluco BD/DVD


  • Ajin – Demi-Human Graphic Novel (GN) 10
  • Aoba-kun’s Confessions GN 3 (Digital Only)
  • As the Gods Will: The Second Series GN 21 (Digital Only)
  • Case Closed GN 64
  • Chihayafuru GN 5 (Digital Only)
  • Clockwork Planet GN 5
  • Finder Deluxe Edition GN 3
  • Fire Force GN 6
  • Gangsta: Cursed GN 3
  • Jackass! GN 1
  • Kokkoku: Moment by Moment GN 1 (Digital Only)
  • Lord Marksman and Vanadis GN 5
  • Magi GN 26
  • Magical Sempai GN 2 (Digital Only)
  • Monster Hunter: Flash Hunter GN 10
  • Oh My Goddess! Omnibus GN 6
  • Real Account GN 8 (Digital Only)
  • Real Girl GN 4 (Digital Only)
  • Sherlock: The Blind Banker GN
  • Spirit Circle GN 1
  • The World’s Greatest First Love: The Case of Ritsu Onodera GN 8


  • Bad Apple Wars PS Vita Game
  • Cyberdimension Neptunia 4 Goddesses Online PS4 Game
  • DRRR!! The Greatest Hits Sweet Strange Memories CD
  • Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Novel 3
  • Juni Taisen – Zodiac War Novel (Hardcover)
  • Touhou Kobuto V Burst Battle PS4 Game

Manga Monday- One Punch Man

One-Punch Man is an ongoing Japanese superhero parody webcomic created by an author using the pseudonym One which began publication in early 2009. The series quickly went viral, surpassing 7.9 million hits in June 2012. The Japanese shortened name Wanpanman is a play on the long-running children’s character Anpanman, wanpan being a contraction of wanpanchi (“one punch”). One-Punch Man tells the story of Saitama, an extremely overpowered superhero, who has grown bored by the absence of challenge in his fight against evil and seeks to find a worthy opponent.

A digital manga remake of the series, illustrated by Yusuke Murata, began publication on Shueisha’s Young Jump Web Comics website in 2012. The chapters are periodically collected and printed into tankōbon volumes, with twelve released as of December 2, 2016. Viz Media has licensed the remake for English serialization in its Weekly Shonen Jump digital magazine.

One-Punch Man had 2.2 million copies in print in November 2013, 3.2 million copies in April 2014, and 4.5 million copies in November 2014. By November 2016, this number had grown to 11.1 million copies in print. The series was one of ten nominated for the seventh annual Manga Taishō Awards in 2014. As of July 2017, the manga had 13 million copies in print.

Once released in the United States, both the first and second volumes debuted on the New York Times Manga Best Sellers list, at first and second place, respectively, and stayed there for two weeks. Volume one dropped to second place for the third week, while volume two fell off the list altogether. Volume one was still on the list for a fourth week. The series was nominated for an Eisner Award in 2015.


On an unnamed Earth-like super-continent planet, strange monsters and supervillains have been mysteriously appearing and causing disasters. To combat them, the world’s heroes have risen to fight them. Saitama is one such hero, hailing from the metropolis of Z-City and easily defeating monsters and villains with a single punch. However, he has become bored with his superhuman power and only gets truly excited when fighting strong opponents that can challenge him. Over the course of the series, Saitama encounters various superheroes, supervillains, and monsters. He gains a disciple in the form of the cyborg Genos and eventually joins the Hero Association in order to gain official recognition. He smashes an incoming meteor, defeats boss villains like the Deep Sea King. When the alien Dark Matter Thieves invade and destroy City A, Saitama defeats their leader Lord Boros using a serious punch.

Saitama gets to know other super heroes in the group, becoming friends with old martial artist Bang and a superhero named King who is actually a cowardly nonviolent otaku. When the Hero Association executive Sitch tries to recruit villains to become superheroes, a villain named Garo emerges and starts beating down many of the other heroes, prompting the association to make a small effort to stop him. In order to learn more about martial arts, Saitama enters a tournament. More ferocious monsters start showing up in the various cities, wearing down many of the heroes. A group of them kidnap an Association sponsor’s son. The Hero Association learns that that the monsters have organized into a Monster Association, and that they are also recruiting members by having fighters and others ingest monster cells that transform them into monsters that have far more power.

Over the interwining course of Garo and the Hero Association, it is discovered that the monsters have made their headquarters in the abandoned area of Z-City, which happens to be inhabited by Saitama alone. Garo encounters all the S-Class, or the ranked strongest, heroes, and proceeds to continue his ‘monstrification’ process during the battles. Finally he encounters Saitama(Who had come annoyed at the noise from the fight), whose attitude and strength infuriates and eventually destroys Garo’s will, then reveals his vision for the future. Saitama, out of character, understands his pain, and under the threat by the defeated heroes to kill Garo, Garo leaves before anyone can catch him.

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  • Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak High School: Despair Arc BD/DVDPl
  • Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak High School: Future Arc BD/DVD
  • Dragon Ball Super Part 2 BD
  • Dragon Ball Super Part 2 DVD
  • Drifters Complete Series BD/DVD
  • Golden Time Complete Collection BD
  • Hinako (Isshoni Training: Training with Hinako, Isshoni Sleeping: Sleeping with Hinako, Isshoni Training 026: Bathtime with Hinako & Hiyoko) BD/DVD
  • Naruto Shippuden The Movie Rasengan Collection BD (Naruto Shippūden, Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Bonds, Naruto Shippūden: The Will of Fire, Naruto Shippūden: The Lost Tower)
  • Naruto Shippuden The Movie Rasengan Collection DVD (Naruto Shippūden, Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Bonds, Naruto Shippūden: The Will of Fire, Naruto Shippūden: The Lost Tower)
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena Set 1 BD


  • 7th Garden GN 6
  • Ace of Diamond GN 5 (Digital Only)
  • Anime Supremacy! GN
  • Assassination Classroom GN 18
  • The Demon Prince of Momochi House GN 10
  • Devil’s Line GN 9
  • Domestic Girlfriend GN 7 (Digital Only)
  • Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma GN 20
  • Haikyu!! GN 16
  • Honey So Sweet GN 8
  • Kamisama Kiss GN 25
  • Kamisama Kiss Limited Edition GN 25
  • Kuroko’s Basketball Omnibus GN 8
  • Masamune-kun’s Revenge GN 6
  • Naruto Omnibus GN 20
  • Pokémon XY GN 12
  • Pumpkin Scissors GN 14 (Digital Only)
  • Rave Master GN 1-35 (Digital Only)
  • Rurouni Kenshin Omnibus GN 4
  • So Cute It Hurts!! GN 15
  • Twin Star Exorcists GN 10
  • The Water Dragon’s Bride GN 3
  • World Trigger GN 17
  • Yona of the Dawn GN 8
  • Yozakura Quartet GN 17 (Digital Only)


  • Arifureta – From Commonplace to World’s Strongest Novel 3 (Digital Only0
  • Culdcept Revolt Nintendo 3DS Game
  • Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy Nintendo 3DS Game
  • Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions Nintendo 3DS Game

Manga Monday- Gals!

Gals! is a shōjo manga written and illustrated by Mihona Fujii. The manga was published by Shueisha and serialized in Ribon from 1998 to 2002. The manga was also published in the U.S. by CMX.


The series revolves around the kogal subculture in Japan. The title character, Ran Kotobuki is the self-proclaimed “world’s greatest gal.” As a teenager in Shibuya, she is determined to live out the gal lifestyle for the rest of her life, and she has gained a reputation as the most respected gal in all of Shibuya. However, she comes from a family of police officers—her grandparents, her parents, and her older brother are all officers, and her younger sister is set on following in their footsteps. Ran has other dreams for her future, but as frequently shown, she has acquired the family’s sense of justice and spirit. Her two friends, Miyu and Aya, also have their own problems and circumstances.

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  • Crusher Joe: The OVA’s DVDP
  • Dance with Devils BD/DVD
  • Hyou-ka Part 2 BD/DVD
  • Joker Game BD/DVD
  • Kaiba BD/DVD
  • Naruto Shippūden Set 32 DVD Uncut
  • Occultic;Nine Volume 1
  • Project A-Ko 2: Plot of the Daitokuji Finalcial Group DVD
  • Project A-ko 3: Cinderella Rhapsody DVD
  • Project A-Ko 4: Final DVD
  • Puzzle & Dragons X Part 1 BD/DVD
  • Soul Link DVD
  • Ushio & Tora Premium Box Set BD/DVD


  • 12 Beast GN 5
  • All Out!! GN 1 (Digital Only)
  • Altair: A Record of Battles GN 4 (Digital Only)
  • Aphorism GN 12 (Digital Only)
  • Crimson Prince GN 12 (Digital Only)
  • Days GN 5 (Digital Only)
  • Deathtopia GN 4 (Digital Only)
  • Flying Witch GN 3
  • Frau Faust GN 1
  • Giant Killing GN 6 (Digital Only)
  • In/Spectre GN 6
  • Infini-T Force GN 1
  • Marai Holic GN 11
  • Otome Mania!! GN 2
  • Princess Jellyfish GN 6
  • Princess Resurrection GN 18 (Digital Only)
  • Real Girl GN 3 (Digital Only)
  • Sekirei GN 12 (Digital Only)
  • Shojo Fight GN 1 (Digital Only)
  • Species Domain GN 3
  • The Testament of Sister New Devil Storm! GN 1
  • Tokyo Ghoul [Jack] GN (Digital Only)
  • Tsuredure Children GN 3 (Digital Only)


  • Blue Reflection PS4/PC Game
  • Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony PS4/Vita/PC Game
  • Ghost in the Shell: The Official Movie Novelization
  • Gundam Versus PS4 Game
  • I Became the Secretary of a Hero! Volume 1 (Digital Only)
  • Monster Girl Encyclopedia Volume 2 (Hardcover)
  • Pokken Tournament DX Switch Game
  • Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash PS4 Game
  • Summon Night 6: Lost Borders PS4/Vita Game
  • A Small Charred Face Novel

Manga Monday- Hunter x Hunter

Hunter × Hunter (abbreviated: HxH) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi. It has been serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine and journal since March 3, 1998, although the manga has frequently gone on extended hiatuses since 2006. As of June 2017, 360 chapters have been collected into 34 volumes by Shueisha. The story focuses on a young boy named Gon Freecss, who discovers that his father, who he was told was dead, is actually alive and a world-renowned Hunter, a licensed profession for those who specialize in fantastic pursuits such as locating rare or unidentified animal species, treasure hunting, surveying unexplored enclaves, or hunting down lawless individuals. Despite being abandoned by his father, Gon departs upon a journey to follow in his footsteps, pass the rigorous Hunter Examination, and eventually find his father. Along the way, Gon meets various other Hunters and also encounters the paranormal. The original inspiration for the manga came from Togashi’s own collecting hobby.

Hunter × Hunter has been a huge critical and financial success and has become one of Shueisha’s best-selling manga series, having sold 66 million copies in Japan alone as of 2014.

Hunters are licensed, elite members of humanity who are capable of tracking down secret treasures, rare beasts, or even other individuals. To obtain a license one must pass the rigorous annual Hunter Examination run by the Hunter Association, which has a success rate of less than one in a hundred-thousand. A Hunter may be awarded up to three stars; a single star for making “remarkable achievements in a particular field”; they may then be upgraded to two stars for “holding an official position” and mentoring another Hunter up to single star level; and finally upgraded to three stars for “remarkable achievements in multiple fields.”

Nen is the ability to control one’s own life energy or aura, which is constantly emitted from them whether they know it or not. There are four basic Nen techniques; Ten  maintains the aura in the body, strengthening it for defense, Zetsu shuts the aura flow off, useful for concealing one’s presence and relieving fatigue, Ren  enables a user to produce more Nen, and Hatsu is a person’s specific use of Nen. Nen users are classified into six types based on their Hatsu abilities; Enhancers strengthen and reinforce their natural physical abilities, Emitters project aura out of their bodies, Manipulators control objects or living things, Transmuters change the type or properties of their aura, Conjurers create objects out of their aura, and Specialists  have unique abilities that do not fall into the previous categories. A Nen user can enter into a Contract whereby pledging to follow certain Limitations , their abilities are strengthened in relation to how strict they are. An example of this is Kurapika who, in order to have an unbreakable chain that will hold members of the Phantom Troupe no matter what, offered his life should he use it on anyone other than its members.

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  • Matoi the Sacred Slayer BD
  • Matoi the Sacred Slayer DVD
  • One Piece Collection 20 DVD Uncut
  • Ranma 1/2 OVA and Movie Collection DVD
  • Ranma 1/2 OVA and Movie Collection Limited Edition BD


  • Alice in Murderland Graphic Novel (GN) 7 (Hardcover)A
  • As the Gods Will: The Second Series GN 20 (Digital Only)P
  • The Asterisk War GN 5
  • Barakamon GN 14
  • Big Order GN 3Pl
  • Bungo Stray Dogs GN 4C
  • Bloom Into You GN 3
  • A Bride’s Story GN 4P
  • Bungo Stray Dogs GN 9 (Hardcover)
  • Descending Stories GN 19
  • The Devil is a Part-Timer! GN 10
  • Dragon’s Rioting GN 8C
  • Dreamin’ Sun GN 3
  • Fuuka GN 14 (Digital Only)P
  • Golden Kamuy GN 2C
  • Goodnight Punpun GN 7A
  • The High School Life of a Fudanshi GN 2Pl
  • Handa-Kun GN 7
  • Hotaru’s Way GN 3 (Digital Only)A
  • House of the sun. GN 7 (Digital Only)
  • How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend GN 7C
  • Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler GN 2An
  • Kasane GN 5 (Digital Only)
  • Kin-iro Mosaic GN 4Ci
  • Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight GN 1A
  • Master Keaton GN 12Ple
  • My youth romantic comedy is wrong as I expected GN 6
  • No Game No Life, Please! GN 2
  • Nichijou GN 10
  • Of the Red, the Light, and the Ayakashi GN 8
  • Plum Crazy! Tales of A Tiger-Striped Cat GN 2A
  • Peach Heaven GN 6 (Digital Only)P
  • Puella Magi Homura Tamura GN 3Ci
  • Puella Magi Tart Magica: The Legend of Jeanne d’Arc GN 4A
  • Rose Guns Days Season Three GN 1P
  • The Royal Tutor GN 3
  • School-Live! GN 8A
  • The Seven Deadly Sins GN 22
  • Strike the Blood GN 8
  • Sweet Blue Flowers GN 1A
  • Sword Art Online: Mother’s Rosary GN 3Pl
  • Sword Art Online: Phantom Bullet GN 3
  • Today’s Cerberus GN 5
  • Tokyo Tarareba Girls GN 7 (Digital Only)Pl
  • Welcome to the Ballroom GN 7C


  • Accel World Novel 11A
  • Baccano! Novel 5 (Hardcover)
  • Black Bullet Novel 7
  • Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody Novel 3
  • Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Novel 9P
  • Marvel vs CAPCOM PlayStation 4/Xbox One/PC GameCit
  • Mary Skelter PlayStation Vita Game
  • My youth romantic comedy is wrong as I expected Novel 3
  • Overlord Novel 5 (Hardcover)
  • Strike the Blood Novel 7