Film Friday- Tokyo Mew Mew

The series was adapted into a 52 episode anime series by Studio Pierrot. It debuted in Japan on April 6, 2002, on both TV Aichi and TV Tokyo; the final episode aired on March 29, 2003. Two video games were also created for the series: a puzzle adventure game for the Game Boy Advance system and a role-playing video game for the PlayStation. 4Kids Entertainment licensed the anime series for North American broadcast under the name Mew Mew Power. Heavily edited and dubbed, 23 episodes of Mew Mew Power aired on Cartoon Network and 4Kids TV in the United States and the entire 26 episodes aired on YTV in Canada. 4Kids Entertainment was unable to license the remaining 26 episodes of the series, thus were unable to complete its broadcast. They have never released the series to home video.  The anime adaptation received high ratings while airing in Japan, resulting in numerous marketing tie-ins. Despite criticism for extensive editing that removed most of the Japanese elements, the Mew Mew Power dub became the highest rated 4Kids show during its broadcast. It was licensed for regional release in several other countries instead of the original Japanese series.

Ichigo Momomiya

is the series’ main protagonist and the leader of the Mew Mews. She has short red hair which is usually tied up in pigtails. Ichigo (13 years old at the beginning of the series) is merged with the DNA of the Iriomote Wild Cat, giving her the ability to transform into Mew Ichigo, a powerful and heroic cat girl with pink hair. The transformation also causes her to exhibit various feline mannerisms while in her human form. At first, her cat ears and tail appear when she is excited, but eventually her cat DNA grows strong enough that when she kisses anything, she turns into a small black cat. She remains in a cat form until someone (human or animal) kisses her.

At the start of the series, Ichigo has a crush on Masaya Aoyama. Although she believes that he is oblivious to her feelings, he later returns them and they begin dating. Midway through the series, Ichigo gains a mysterious protector, the Blue Knight. Throughout the series, Ichigo repeatedly rejects repeated advances by Quiche and although she can not accept his final declaration of love, she cries over his death and holds him as he dies. Ichigo dies after transferring her own life force into Masaya after Masaya kills himself and Deep Blue. She is subsequently revived by the last of the mew aqua which was housed within Masaya. Before Masaya goes off to study abroad in England at the end of the series, Ichigo participates in a mock wedding with Masaya. Tokyo Mew Mew a La Mode reveals that Ichigo lost all of her Mew Mew powers because of the Mew Aqua’s influence and joined Masaya in England, but returned to Japan when her powers began to manifest again to aid in the battle against the Saint Rose Crusaders.

Minto Aizawa

Minto Aizawa is a blue-haired girl who is the second Mew Mew to be introduced in the series. Infused with the genes of a Blue Lorikeet, Minto grows a bird’s tail and a pair of bird wings when she transforms into Mew Mint. Initially depicted as spoiled, snobbish, and self-centered because of her wealth due to her being born into a rich family, she is shown to be an empathetic person who cares deeply about her friends as the series progresses. In the beginning, Minto called Ichigo a Vulgar person. Minto idolizes fellow Mew Mew Zakuro Fujiwara. Minto owns a pet Pomeranian named Miki.

Retasu Midorikawa

is a green-haired girl who is the third member of the Mew Mews formally introduced to the readers. Infused with the DNA of a Finless Porpoise, Retasu’s legs can change into a porpoise’s tail while she is underwater, greatly improving her swimming ability and giving her an appearance of a mermaid. In the anime adaptation, this change can only occur when Retasu is in the presence of Mew Aqua. Retasu is portrayed as a shy and intelligent character lacking self-confidence and is the subject of frequent bullying from three girls. She is afraid of her Mew Mew powers at first, causing them to go out of control at her school until she is calmed by Ichigo and Minto. The other members of the group consider Retasu to be a kind and selfless person. As the series progresses, Retasu becomes a more confident person through the other Mew Mews’ regular encouragement. In the anime, Retasu has a strong love interest towards Ryou and kissed him once, that only Bu-Ling is aware of their relationship.

Bu-Ling Huang

is a blonde-haired girl who is the fourth Mew Mew introduced to the readers and the youngest of the bunch. Infused with the DNA of a Golden Lion Tamarin, Bu-Ling grows a monkey tail and ears while transformed, and fights with a pair of rings. Bu-Ling is introduced as being a busker due to her acrobatic skills to earn money for her family. The other Mew Mews agree that her monkey DNA is a perfect match for her personality as she is full of energy and loves having fun, to the point Minto considers her very immature or childish. A running gag when it comes to referencing the Mew Mews’ DNA had Bu-Ling thinking that her DNA is a lion where she is always corrected that she has the DNA of a Golden Lion Tamarin. Despite her age, Bu-Ling is raising her five younger siblings and managing the family finances while their father is training in the mountains. The manga never mentions Bu-Ling’s mother while the anime adaptation states that she died. Midway through the series, Bu-Ling befriends Tart when he captures her and holds her hostage. She is reluctant to fight Tart during the final battle until he affirms they have no choice, and cries over him after he is defeated. Bu-Ling kisses Tart at the end of the series and tells him she does not want it “to be goodbye.” He replies by saying that he may return to see her. In the anime adaptation, the relationship between Bu-Ling and Tart is expanded and the circumstances of their initial friendship changes – instead of being saved by the Mew Mews, Tart himself saves Bu-Ling from an underground cavern when he realizes that she is suffocating from a lack of oxygen.

Zakuro Fujiwara

is a purple-haired girl who is the last of the main Mew Mews introduced and the oldest of the group. As with the others, she first appears at the endangered animal exhibit without being named. Zakuro tends to be a loner and initially refuses to join the other Mew Mews, but changes her mind after they come to her aid. Infused with the DNA of a Gray Wolf, Zakuro has a wolf tail and ears while in her Mew Mew form. Zakuro is a professional model and is presented as a mature character. As her biggest fan Minto effuses, Zakuro has “long, glossy, raven hair” with “dark, intelligent, yet sensitive eyes” and “long, strong and thin legs”. Zakuro’s background is more developed in the anime adaptation and she is said to be estranged from her family since leaving home two years earlier.



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  • Drifters Complete Series Classics BD
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Film Friday- Your Lie in April

An anime television series adaptation by A-1 Pictures aired from October 2014 to March 2015 on Fuji TV’s Noitamina block. A live-action film adaptation of the same name was released in September 2016.


A-1 Pictures has aired the anime production of Your Lie in April. It premiered on October 10, 2014 in Japan and ended on March 20, 2015. The first opening theme song is “Hikaru Nara” by Goose house and the first ending theme song is “Kirameki” by wacci. The second opening song is “Nanairo Symphony” by Coalamode and the second ending theme is “Orange” by 7!! (Seven Oops). The original soundtracks are composed by Masaru Yokoyama.
In North America, Aniplex of America licensed the series within the region, who simulcasted the series on Crunchyroll, Aniplex Channel, Hulu and Viewster. In Australia and New Zealand, the series is licensed by Madman Entertainment, who streamed the series on AnimeLab. The series is licensed in the United Kingdom and Ireland by Anime Limited. The series was later made available on Netflix with the English dub, as well as English subtitles.

Live-action film  

On August 24, 2015, the domain ‘’ was registered under Toho, a Japanese film production and distribution company, which made fans believe that a movie adaptation was in the works. Speculations were confirmed in September 2015 when the main cast was announced for the live-action adaptation of the series: Kento Yamazaki as Kōsei Arima, Suzu Hirose as Kaori Miyazono, E-girls’ Anna Ishii as Tsubaki Sawabe, and Taishi Nakagawa as Ryōta Watari. While the original story depicts the characters in their junior high year, it is announced that they will be in their second-year of high school in the film. The adaptation, slated to be released in Japan in September 2016, will be written by Strawberry Night’s live-action scriptwriter Yukari Tatsui, and directed by Paradise Kiss’s live-action director Takehiko Shinjō.

Stage play

In the May issue of Monthly Shōnen Magazine, it was announced that a stage play adaptation of the manga was green-lit, and set to run on August the same year. The stage play was announced to be held at the AiiA 2.5 Theater Tokyo from August 24, 2017 to September 3, 2017, and at the Umeda Arts Theater in Osaka from September 7, 2017 to September 10, 2017. The stage play is directed by Naohiro Ise, and written by Kaori Miura. It was also revealed that the play would have live musical performances, with Yuta Matsumura performing the piano, and Shuko Kobayashi performing the violin. The main cast was announced, and stars: Shintarō Anzai as Kōsei Arima, Arisa Matsunaga as Kaori Miyazono, Misato Kawauchi as Tsubaki Sawabe, Masanari Wada as Ryōta Watari, Haruka Yamashita as Emi Igawa, and Shōjirō Yokoi as Takeshi Aiza. Additional cast was later announced, with: Takako Nakamura as Yuriko Ochiai, Shun Mikami as Akira Takayanagi, Haruka Igarashi as Nao Kashiwagi, Kuniko Kodama as Hiroko Seto, and Ryōko Tanaka as Saki Arima.


Kōsei Arima 
is a former child prodigy in playing piano, dubbed the “Human Metronome” for his near-inhuman mechanical accuracy, a product of his mother’s overly strict methods of teaching. His ability to play the piano with unparalleled precision led him to win many competitions across Japan and even be invited to play abroad. When his mother died, the resulting psychological trauma caused him to be unable to hear the sound of his piano playing, and he gave up on it. Two years later, he takes up the piano again after being convinced by Kaori Miyazono to become her accompanist. Influenced by her emotional and unrestrained playing style, Kōsei eventually finds himself falling in love with her. He, however, does not confess his feelings due to her liking his best friend, Ryota Watari.
It is later revealed in Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso: Coda, a side story from Kōsei and Tsubaki’s childhood, that his inspiration for playing so beautifully in his first competition was to cheer up Tsubaki after the passing of her grandmother.
Kaori Miyazono 
is Tsubaki’s classmate; she is a free-spirited violinist who has drawn much criticism from judging panels due to her unwillingness to adhere strictly to the score, but is highly favored by audiences that hear her playing. Kaori first met Kōsei when she asked Tsubaki to set her up with Watari. As their friendship grew, she eventually convinced Kōsei to play the piano again, first as her accompanist and later in a piano competition. It is revealed at the end of the anime, in a letter addressed to Kōsei, that she had asked to be set up with Watari in order to meet Kōsei, knowing that Watari and Tsubaki were good friends of his.
Tsubaki Sawabe 
Kōsei’s childhood friend and next-door neighbor, who treats him like a little brother. She is athletic and is part of the softball club at school. Often dismayed at Kōsei’s inability to move on from his mother’s death, she attempts to get him to play the piano again in order to make a clear decision about his future. She first denies her feelings for him but after undergoing several stages of denial, she falls in love with him, which she confesses to him later on.
Ryōta Watari 
is Kōsei’s and Tsubaki’s childhood friend, and is the captain of the school’s soccer team. He is extremely popular with girls, and usually adopts a frivolous attitude. However, he does come up with good insights every so often. Kaori was his love interest and when they are together, they are shown to be acting lovey-dovey, which makes Kōsei jealous. Kōsei later tells him about his feelings for Kaori, and he soon accepts this and gives him advice.


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Film Friday- Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

It was adapted into a live-action television drama which aired on Fuji TV from August–September 2013.

An animated promotional video (PV) was released by Liden Films on August 26, 2013. The video was directed by Seiki Takuno. Ryu Yamada was voiced by Ryōta Ōsaka, and Urara Shiraishi was voiced by Saori Hayami. In June 2014, Liden Films launched a website with news that it would be producing an original anime DVD (OAD). The OAD has two installments: the first was released on December 17, 2014 bundled with the manga volume 15, and the second is bundled with volume 17 for May 15, 2015. They were advertised as featuring all seven witches as well as hot springs scenes.
In November 2014, Liden films announced plans to produce a TV anime series with the voice characters to reprise their roles from the OAD project. The director is Tomoki Takuno, who did IDOLM@STER: XENOGLOSSIA, Love Live! School Idol Project, and the assistant director is Fumiaki Usui. The series writer is Michiko Yokote, and the chief animation director and character designer is Eriko Iida. Sound is being directed by Yota Tsuruoka and music composed by Masaru Yokoyama.
A 12-episode anime television adaptation produced by Liden Films and directed by Tomoki Takuno aired in Japan between April 12 and June 28, 2015. The opening theme song is “Kuchizuke Diamond” by WEAVER and the ending theme song is “CANDY MAGIC” by Mimi Meme Mimi.
The first DVD and Blu-ray Disc box sets of the anime television series included a crossover anime short Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo x Yankee-kun to Megane-chan adapted from the manga by the same author.
Crunchyroll will release the series on Blu-ray and DVD with an English dub.

Television drama

A live-action drama began airing on August 10, 2013 on Saturdays on Fuji TV at 11:10pm. It stars Yusuke Yamamoto as the title character Ryū Yamada, and Mariya Nishiuchi as Urara Shiraishi. Its theme song is “Time Machine Nante Iranai” by former AKB48 headliner Atsuko Maeda. She described the song as “cheerful and fun” and hopes it will liven up the show. Sponsors include Samsung, which included the show’s characters in their related commercials broadcast at the time.

Main characters

Ryuu Yamada

is an apathetic delinquent who finds high school boring and is failing in his school’s academics. That is until he crashes into Shiraishi, the student academic ace of the school, at the stairs and ends up swapping bodies with her. They discover that a kiss activates the swap, and that Yamada can swap with others, although he later learns that it is actually a duplication power; that is, he can copy the power of the witch that he has kissed He later confesses his developed feelings for Shiraishi which she returns and the two began dating. After Yamada recovers his full memories, it is revealed that they became a couple during their first year. At the series conclusion set ten years later, Yamada works as a successful businessman in development. He proposes to Shiriashi who happily accepts and the two become married. Yamada’s favorite food is yakisoba bread, and he even has a stuffed toy based on it named Sobasshimi. He is portrayed by Yusuke Yamamoto in the live-action adaptation, and voiced by Ryōta Ōsak in Japanese and by Newton Pittman in English

Urara Shiraishi

is introduced as the student ace; she holds the highest grades in her class, but is bullied by other students who are envious of her academic success. Her decision not to go to college worries the teachers and the student council. When she discovers her body-swapping powers with Yamada, the two resolve each other’s problems in school; she begins to make friends and have a social life. Toranosuke Miyamura appoints her the president of the Supernatural Studies Club. After numerous adventures with Yamada, she eventually agrees to be his girlfriend. Later memories show she and Yamada had started dating since their first year in high school. She was first attracted to Yamada when she was isolated in high school and he called her out for being boring. She then accepted the role of the “Original Witch” who enabled the witch powers at the school, so she could be with Yamada, but at the cost of having everyone except for Yamada forget her and that she would forget him when she leaves school during her senior year. When she returns for graduation, Yamada’s comment about her being boring again as well as later kissing Yamada enables her to recover her memories. Ten years later, she has become a successful businesswoman, but has been awaiting Yamada’s marriage proposal. The final chapter covers their wedding, and some years later, talking with their two children about their story. She is portrayed by Mariya Nishiuchi in the drama series, and is voiced by Saori Hayami in Japanese and by Mikaela Krantz in English in the anime. At her panel at Anime Expo 2015, Yoshikawa said that Shiraishi was her favorite Yamada-kun character to draw, and that her favorite feature to draw was her hair.


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Film Friday- Wolf Girl and Black Prince

Wolf Girl and Black Prince is a Japanese shōjo manga series written by Ayuko Hatta. It was adapted into a drama CD in 2013. In 2014, the May issue of Shueisha’s Bessatsu Margaret magazine announced that an anime television had been green-lit. The anime ran from October 2, 2014 to December 21, 2014 lasting twelve episodes. The opening theme is “LOVE GOOD TIME” by SpecialThanks and the ending theme is “Wolf Heart” by Oresama. An OVA was released on 4 October 2015.

Live-action film

A live-action film adaptation directed by Ryūichi Hiroki premiered in Japanese theaters on May 28, 2016. It was grossed US$10,639,039 at japan box office.


Erika Shinohara
The main protagonist of the series. Erika often tells tall tales about her having a boyfriend and takes a photo of a random guy to show as proof. However, the guy turns out to be Kyoya Sata, who also goes to her school. After some pleading, he agrees to pretend to be her boyfriend under the condition that she become his “pet dog.” She eventually falls for him, despite his cruel attitude towards her and desperately tries to win his affection.
Kyōya Sata 
At the beginning, when Erika suggested her idea of faking lovers, Kyōya agrees to it with a “Prince Charming” attitude. However, shortly after, he blackmails, torments and makes her his “dog”. Gradually, he starts to genuinely care for her and becomes jealous whenever she gets close to other guys. He also develops a protective attitude towards her. As the series continues, he realizes his actual feelings for her and that she is not just a way to “pass time”. He is actually more of tsundere hiding under the disguise of a sadist. Once Kyōya learns that he could lose Erika to Yū, he goes after her during their date and confesses his feelings for her. Kyōya also has an older sister who more or less shares his sadistic tendencies, and a fun-loving, rather hare-brained mother.
Ayumi Sanda 
Known also as San-chan, Sanda is a short-haired girl and initially the only one of Erika’s friends to know the “fake boyfriend” situation. She is the complete opposite of Erika, being mature, self-reliant, and quiet. She is also the classmate of Kyouya during their first year. Though Sanda had a short interest in Kyoya, she considers her friendship with Erika to be more important than her crush. Later into the series, she also becomes close to Takeru.
In the film adaptation, Sanda studies in a separate, all-girls, school from Erika, making her a stranger to Kyoya.
Takeru Hibiya 
Kyōya’s best friend from middle school who is inheriting his family’s cafe business. He is a hot blooded man with a simple and clear personality. He fully supports Erika and Kyoya’s relationship, being relieved that Kyoya is finally able to befriend someone other than himself. Later into the series, Takeru becomes close to Sanda, which initially causes Nozomi’s jealousy, as he thinks that their and Erika and Kyoya’s relationships will make him the only single in their group.
Nozomi Kamiya 
Nozomi is a super flashy guy and belongs in the same year as Kyouya and Erika. Also, he is a sort of a playboy type. He can easily remember the names he just acquainted to, especially cute girls name. When he first sees Kyōya, Nozomi believes he is the same as himself, even when he learns that Kyōya and Erika are dating. He tries to get him to come around to his way of thinking; that it is no fun being held down by one girl. However, Kyōya refuses and says how pointless it is to have meaningless flings with various girls, causing Nozomi to give up. He also decided that he should find someone special to him as Erika is to Kyōya. Since then, he becomes a part of their group and even briefly becomes worried that he will be left as the “third wheel” after finding out that Takeru and Ayumi are attracted to each other.
In the film adaptation, Nozomi’s personality is combined with that of Yoshito Kimura, a minor character who wants to date Erika just so he can get his revenge at Kyoya. Because of this, he never befriends Erika nor becoming a part of her group.


Wednesday News- October 24, 2018

Fairy Tail City Hero Spinoff Manga Launches on Friday-

Pokemon the Movie: The Power of Us Anime Film’s Full English Trailer Streamed-

Sentai Filmworks Licenses Kyoto Animeation’s Tsurune Anime –

Fairy Tail Final Season: Episode 3 –

New Hakuoki Musical About Kazama Chikae Debuts in April 2019-


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  • Made in Abyss BD
  • Tsukiuta. THE ANIMATION Essentials BD
  • Witch Hunter Robin Complete Series DVD


  • Ace of Diamond GN 16 (Digital Only)
  • Aho Girl GN 9 (Digital Only)
  • Baki GN 5 (Digital Only)
  • Batman and the Justice League Graphic Novel (GN) 1
  • Beauty Bunny GN 8 (Digital Only)
  • Creature! GN 4 (Digital Only)
  • Defying Kurosaki-kun GN 5 (Digital Only)
  • ēlDLIVE GN 7 (Digital Only)
  • Fairy Tail: Lightning Gods GN 4
  • Flowers of Evil Complete GN Omnibus 4
  • Forest of Piano GN 1-7 (Digital Only)
  • Harukana Receive GN 2
  • Heart Break Club GN 10Is Kichijoji the Only Place to Live? GN  4  (Digital Only)
  • Liar x Liar GN 7 (Digital Only)
  • Machimaho: I Messed Up and Made the Wrong Person Into a Magical Girl! GN 1
  • Made in Abyss GN 4
  • Magical Girl Apocalypse GN 16
  • Mikami-sensei’s Way of Love GN 1 (Digital Only)
  • Mob Psycho 100 GN 1
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  • Plus-Sized Elf GN 1
  • Pokémon Adventures GN 23-29 (FireRed & LeafGreen) (Digital Only)
  • The Quintessential Quintuplets GN 5 (Digital Only)
  • That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime GN 8 (Digital Only)
  • There’s a Demon Lord on the Floor GN 6


  • Arifureta – From Commonplace to World’s Strongest GN 8 (Digital Only)
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  • Kokoro Connect GN 2 (Digital Only)
  • My Hero One’s Justice PlayStation 4 Game
  • Super Mario Encyclopedia: The Official Guide to the First 30 Years (Hardcover)
  • The Unwanted Undead Adventurer GN 3 (Digital Only)



Film Friday- Pandora Hearts

An anime adaptation produced by Xebec began airing on April 2, 2009, and finished airing on September 24, 2009. On February 11, 2010, NIS America announced it would release the anime series in North America. Nine OVAs were also broadcast in Japan, airing from July 24, 2009 to March 25, 2010.

Oz Vessalius

is the fifteen-year-old protagonist. He has blond hair and green eyes. He is from the prestigious Vessalius family. His father, Zai, is the reigning lord. His mother was killed by the Nightray family; despite this, he retains a bright, optimistic, and energetic personality. The story of Pandora Hearts begins when Oz turns fifteen. During the ceremony to celebrate his legal adulthood, Oz is dragged into the Abyss for the ‘sin of his existence’. There, he meets a young girl named Alice who turns out to be a Chain – a monster born in the Abyss. Oz makes a contract with her so they can both escape the abyss. Upon returning to the real world, he discovers that 10 years have passed. In order to find out what exactly his ‘sin’ is, he decides to work under Xerxes Break as part of Pandora. During this, it is shown that when he was young, he worked hard to gain praise and recognition from his father. However, he discovered that his father hated him to the point of not wanting to touch him. After experiencing this, Oz began to think that there is no guaranteed thing in the world. He thought of himself as weak. He decided that, in order to protect people, he should at least remain an obedient child and let harm come his way. After traveling into the Cheshire Cat’s lair, Oz meets Jack Vessalius and becomes his ‘medium’. Jack eventually speaks at Pandora’s headquarters and the public hail Oz as a ‘hero’. Oz finds that he can swap control of his body with Jack if he calls hard enough and may sometimes even see snippets of Jack’s memories. According to himself he is quite skilled with the sword, particularly in self-defense. However, he has very little real experience in fighting. Oz likes cute, younger girls and flirts with them frequently. He once wished to marry Sharon when they first met. Oz, himself, thinks of Alice as his precious someone, calling her his “sun”. He believes that Alice is the reason that he can still smile.
Jack tells Oz that he has the “right” or “prerequisite” over Alice’s powers and that a seal won’t restrain Alice’s powers any longer, giving Oz the ability to use B-Rabbit’s power, even without Alice’s permission or Gil’s help. Oz proves it when he is able to stop Alice’s B-Rabbit’s power temporarily on his own; another instance is when Oz is almost kidnapped by the Baskervilles at Lutwidge, and a more recent one is when he was able to summon B-Rabbit’s scythe to fight his assailants in Sablier’s illusion, despite the fact he had never used a scythe before. According to Lotti, Oz was supposed to be the vessel for the sake of hiding the existence of Jack Vessalius and should the vessel be broken, Jack’s existence will be brought to light and the further warping of Abyss’s will, who seeks him, will most probably interfere with the real world. Later, Oz reunites with Gilbert and immediately meets with the person behind Oz’s homicidal nature: Zai Vessalius , his father. it is said that Oz had a desire to destroy everything until Alice stopped him. According to Break, Oz may not be the real Oz Vessalius, as during his birth, Oz’s father took him away: it is suspected he might have done something to him or exchanged him with another baby. This is proven true when it is revealed that his body was Jack’s all along, and that he (Oz) is the true B-rabbit.


is heroine of the story with a height of 150 cm. Alice first appears as a chain that persuades Oz to form a contract with her in the Abyss. In fact, she is actually the infamous B-Rabbit (Blood-stained Black Rabbit), the most powerful chain in the Abyss. Alice’s goal is to find her lost memories, which plays a major role in the story. In human form, Alice has long dark brown hair with two side plaits. She has a huge appetite and loves meat especially. She is hotheaded and loud-spoken and says what she thinks without regard to the consequences. Despite this, she has a soft side, especially when Oz is involved. She hates when Oz leaves her alone, but to hide it she usually says, “I’m in a contract with you. You are my manservant, and as a manservant, what were you thinking, leaving me behind!?” or she just hits Oz and says, “Shut up”.
It also appears that she cares for Oz’s well-being, that she considers his health when using her powers. She bites his cheeks to make him feel better, copying a picture Sharon showed her thinking it was biting instead of a kiss. Also, in episode 20, she tells Sharon, who threatens her to tell her what she has on her mind, that she felt left out and ignored when Oz went to talk with Break without her and when he was happy to see his sister. Alice senses Oz is upset. Thinking that the biting was still a kiss (sort of), she bites him several times, pushing him to the floor to bite his ear that begins to bleed.
She was in Sablier when the city was dragged into the Abyss. Alice wanted to forget about that event, because it was a very painful one. In her memories we see Jack Vessalius, the hero of 100 years ago. It is revealed that she’s actually Lacie’s daughter. Lacie was impregnated by Levi Baskerville before being cast into the Abyss as a sacrifice for the ceremony of the new ‘Glen’ and Levi’s experiment, to gain the power of the Abyss through a vessel, Lacie’s child. While in the Abyss, Lacie gave birth to ‘twins’, Alice and Alice (Also referred to Alyss by fans to avoid confusion, though it is not official) who would be merged with the Core of the Abyss and called The Will of the Abyss by Levi. Alice is not the real B-Rabbit; Oz is the true B-Rabbit and was originally a stuffed animal that Alice was very close to and kept when imprisoned. After Jack began the Tragedy of Sablier he came to Alice’s tower to ask the Intention of the Abyss for more power. Alice refuses to allow Jack and the Intention to destroy the world and sever the chains and thus commits suicide stabbing herself with a pair of scissors. She only is “alive” in the present timeline because her body fused with B-Rabbit’s power, thus “becoming” B-Rabbit.

Gilbert Nightray

also known as Gil or Raven. He is Oz’s best friend and loyal servant. Oz is his most important person, for whom he is willing to sacrifice anything; this protectiveness is compounded by the fact that he was brainwashed by Miranda Barma to protect Jack Vessalius (and therefore Oz, who is his medium) even if it means killing. When Gil is drunk, he reverts to his fourteen-year-old self, an insecure crybaby. He cares deeply about the hat that Ada gave him. He is a great cook, terrified of cats, unable to quit smoking in eight attempts, and constantly afraid that as Oz grows, he will be left behind.
Gil is shown to have become close to Alice, despite his constant arguing with her. Though at first wanting to kill her. Gil saves Alice when she falls down in a small rockslide later.
Gil was Glen’s servant 100 years ago in order to fulfill his duty of being the next Glen after Oswald, and he is also a Baskerville, due to his ability to be greatly wounded, but not killed. He was nearly killed by Jack and in order to save him, his brother Vincent opened a path to the Abyss. (It is later revealed that Gil was killed in order to serve as Glen’s new vessel, and when Vincent interrupted the ceremony the Tragedy occurred.) He was taken in as a servant by the current Vessalius family fifteen years ago, after he was discovered injured and amnesiac in the Vessalius gardens. He came to be Oz’s closest friend, and was invited to be a part of the boy’s coming-of-age ceremony. During the ceremony, Zwei uses her chain Doldum to control his body and forces him to attack Oz. After he regains consciousness, he recognizes one of the Baskervilles as Oz’s father and when Oz attacks the man with a sword, Gilbert takes the wound and falls unconscious.
Gil remains loyal to Oz during his time in the Abyss. Shortly after the ceremony, he is approached by Xerxes Break who arranges his adoption into the Nightray family in exchange for inside information on the family’s doings. He views this as a betrayal, since the Nightrays are the prime suspects in the assassination of Oz’s mother, but he agrees to join the family when he learns that contracting their chain ‘Raven’ might give him the power to rescue Oz. He trains in gunmanship and eventually kills the Nightray family before the chain deems him worthy to contract with it.
Once he obtains the chain, he takes the name Raven and goes to work for Break as a member of Pandora. When Oz returns from the Abyss, Gil is the first one at his side. Initially, Oz is unaware that ‘Raven’ is Gil, but during the second battle with Zwei his true identity is revealed. Gilbert uses his chain’s power to bind B-Rabbit, keeping Alice in her human form and preventing Oz’s seal from moving when they are not in battle.
It is shown in Retrace 45 that he has always had the right to make the contract with Raven, which leads him to gaining the chain. It is also said that Gilbert had been poisoned on a targeted attack against the Nightrays by a mysterious headhunter. Gil has gotten all of his memories back of Sablier and the Tragedy from 100 years ago, his true master is Glen, whose soul lies within Leo, and Gilbert shot Oz by Glen’s commands, however he broke free and burn down his own arm.


Wednesday News- October 17, 2018

Yomawari: The Long Night Collection Game Collection’s Clip Shows Fireworks Festival-

Crunchyroll Streams Kemono Friends Spinoff Anime Welcome to Japari Park-

The List: 6 Spooky New Anime for October 2018-

Funimation Offers Dream Festival! Anime for Digital Purchase-

Pokemon Go Game Add Sinnoh Pokemon-


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  • Mamoru Hosoda Movie Collection BD (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Summer Wars, Wolf Children, The Boy and The Beast)
  • Monochrome Factor DVD
  • Orange Essentials BD
  • The Seven Heavenly Virtues BD
  • Snow White with the Red Hair Complete Series BD
  • Terra Formars Revenge BD/DVD


  • Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 1 Graphic Novel (GN) Box Set
  • Battle Angel Alita Deluxe Edition GN 5 (Hardcover)
  • Cosplay Animal GN 8 (Digital Only)
  • DAYS GN 10 (Digital Only)
  • Dead Dead Demon’s Dededededestruction GN 3
  • Dragon’s Crown GN 2
  • Fairy Tale Battle Royale GN 1
  • Fire Force GN 12
  • Fire Punch GN 4
  • Frankenstein Junji Ito Story GN (Hardcover)
  • Giant Killing GN 14  (Digital Only)
  • How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord GN 2
  • Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid: Kanna’s Daily Life GN 3
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  • Persona 4 GN 8
  • That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime GN 8 (Digital Only)
  • To Your Eternity GN 7
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  • An Archdemon’s Dilemma – How to Love Your Elf Bride Novel 2 (Digital Only)
  • Boogiepop Novel Omnibus 1-3
  • Dark Souls Remastered PlayStation 4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch/PC Game
  • Dark Souls Trilogy PlayStation 4/Xbox One Game
  • The Ghost in the Shell Global Neural Network GN (Hardcover)
  • Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Novel 11 (Digital Only)
  • Mega Man Official Complete Works Artbook (Hardcover)
  • The Reprise of the Spear Hero Novel 1
  • Soul Calibur VI PlayStation 4/Xbox One/PC Game
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